10 Ways to Make Your Weekend Interesting.

10 Ways to Make Your Weekend Interesting.


Avoid your daily routine

Working in the corporate sector for a long, most millennials today are bound to work in the same routine every day — working in the office and traveling. But in the lockdown, since you have nowhere to go, you are bound to work from home which can be really monotonous. Sitting in front of your system for your office’s task can cause a lot of stress which can be relieved during the weekend. And, all you need to do is avoid your daily routine. 

Find a new hobby

It is often said that most people have two lives — one which we are currently living and one is an unlived life which we always wanted to live. And, it’s true! Most of us have a particular hobby or interest apart from our work which we tend to put aside for the sake of our career. Since all of us are at home during the lockdown phase, it is the perfect time to nurture our interest and find a new hobby.

Catch up with your friends on phone or video calling

Today most working people say that they do not get enough time to reconnect with family members and friends, working for long hours in their offices. The Weekends were only the perfect times when you could reconnect with them but sadly, during the lockdown, you can’t step out of your home. So what else can be done? 

Try a new recipe

Often it is said that all people especially men can’t cook. And in Indian families, only women cook, and men are expected to go out to work. But this orthodox tradition has now been broken with women too working outside their homes. And the millennial generation finds less or no time to spend in the kitchen because of their busy schedules. 

Watch a movie / TV series online

Going to the movies or a concert was the perfect fun activity to look for on the weekend. But this trend has now been broken with the lockdown announced on March 24 in India. Now even the weekends are full of boredom and are spent within the four walls of your house and all cinema halls, multiplexes, and theatres have been shut down. So since you can go out to make the most of your weekend, what other option do you have?

Read a book

It is truly said that books are your all-time best friends. Most of us have read textbooks to boost up our knowledge during our school days. Then, there are other people who have grown to love the activity. But in the busy office routine, many of us do not have ample time to pursue this all-time favorite hobby. 

Give your health some attention

Most millennials during the lockdown working from home have to sit in a chair, staring at their systems for several hours. But research suggests that sitting for long periods of time and staying at a place constantly can have adverse effects on your body both physically and mentally. If you aren’t engaging in some physical activity, you are prone to health issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol which can increase the risk of heart diseases, obesity, and even diabetes

Organize your room and wardrobe

Though organizing your room and wardrobe may seem like a boring activity to most of us. But since you can’t venture out during the weekend in the phase of the ongoing phase of lockdown, you should definitely do this activity while staying at home. You can start by organizing your wardrobe, doing the laundry and arranging your room, and keeping things at their proper places. To bring in some more creativity, you can even give your bedroom a new makeover with fairy lights and put your memorable photographs on the walls.

Do some gardening

Some people love gardening as a hobby which according to them, helps them connect with nature more closely. But for millennials who follow a busy schedule every day, this may seem like a waste of time or they might get no time to spend on it. But since during the lockdown, work stress is less and on the weekend you have nowhere to go, you can make gardening your new hobby. And, believe us, introducing this new activity in your life will help you reduce stress and bring in more positivity.

Give your kids/Family members some time

Most people working for long hours in their offices get little to no time to spend with their kids/Family members. Research suggests that without the attention of their parents, kids feel lonely and tend to spend their time too much on mobile phones, which can be harmful to them at such a young age. Since during the phase of lockdown, you can’t venture out, you can make your weekends exciting by spending your time with your kids. You can do some fun activities together like solving puzzles, playing board and video games and even doing tricky maths problems.



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