The Second Wave

The Second Wave

Well, by the title, it is quite clear what I am meaning to talk about in this blog. Coronavirus and its second wave, is all everyone is talking about these days. In fact, we should have known that this was inevitable. The virus never left but people got callous. Although certain factors are there. The economy of our country almost crashed. Millions of people lost their jobs, their houses and loved ones. Companies got closed. We had to get back to work otherwise our savings wouldn’t have sufficed another few months of lockdown. But that doesn’t change the fact; it is still dangerous out there. The second wave of the virus hit us hard. I am sad to say that it is affecting even the ones who took the vaccine shots. The world is not safe. We are not safe but we still need to survive because hunger doesn’t go away during a pandemic. Another round of lockdown is anticipated by the people of India. In some way, I think if another lockdown doesn’t happen, more than 50% of the population will be covid-19 positive. Until then we need to be very cautious and maintain the safety protocol..

• it is very important to wear a mask. We became lenient with it for quite some time but it is clinically proven that masks can help one prevent being corona positive.

• Always carry a sanitizer wherever you go. It actually helps as we touch a lot of things in public unknowingly and the virus is said to be stuck in metal objects.

• Avoid going in public unless it is crucially important. It is better to avoid get-togethers, parties, going out to eat in restaurants. Self quarantine is the only way to survive this pandemic.

So, there you go, here are some of the rules I still follow whenever I am in a public setting to avoid getting affected and also to avoid the spreading. I hope everyone is safe out there and you are doing your part as a dutiful citizen to save your neighbourhood.

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