What to Practice and What Not to Practice

What to Practice and What Not to Practice

The pandemic situation has created a situation that we can easily call cursed. Due to the attack of the disease, lockdown has also been announced. Now it is up to us, whether we want to feel depressed the whole time or utilise every moment of it. Well, I’ve chosen the later and I want to share my ideas with you.

I am a singer and singing is not only my profession but my passion too. Hence, I want to invest my time wisely into it. Not only full length practice or jamming, I will explore more of music. Music is like a sea and the treasures of it are endless.

Like many of you, I am an ardent food lover. I just love to taste platters. As I have visited different foreign countries for my work, I got to taste different food. Now I am challenging my culinary skill at the kitchen. Cooking and experimenting with spices. You can do it too.

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. At the on-going period, we need to keep calm and feel positive. I am doing meditation every day for 20 minutes in the morning. This calms my mind and also offers it a sense of bliss.

Enjoying time with family is definitely a stress buster for me. I often chill out with my family and remember the good old days of childhood. It makes me feel connected with my root.

Just do what I discussed and you will get the result.

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