Home Remedies in Monsoon

Home Remedies in Monsoon

Here are some incredibly awesome yet simple home remedies that will not only keep your hair from falling during the monsoon but will also make it look healthy and gorgeous.

To prevent hair fall in monsoon, you must first and foremost elevate your regular hair care routine to the level of special hair care in monsoon routine. Following that, you should keep certain fundamentals in mind when creating your own unique monsoon hair care routine.


●    Shampoo: Using a gentle shampoo, such as Hair Fall Treatment Shampoo, will help clean your scalp of impurities and germs, keep it conditioned, and add volume and natural shine to your hair.

●      Oil Massage: Because of the excess humidity in the air, hair becomes frizzy and, at times, dry and dull. Apply hair oil to keep your hair controlled and managed. This non-sticky formula nourishes the hair from root to tip and restores moisture balance for smooth, frizz-free hair.

●    Avoid Hair Products: During the monsoon, your scalp is at its most vulnerable. To avoid hair fall during the monsoon, avoid using styling products. Chemical-based products can make your hair greasy, causing scalp irritation. D

●    Eat Healthily:  Saying no to junk food and eating a healthy diet rich in protein, minerals, and calcium will keep your hair healthy, thick, and beautiful even during the rainy season. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet if you want to add life to your hair and avoid hair fall during the monsoon at all costs.

●    Keep Your Hair Dry: Wet hair can attract dirt, pollution, and grime like a magnet. It is also the reason for microbes spreading quickly and causing scalp infections. Always dry your hair before going out to avoid scalp infections and to keep your hair healthy. While blow drying is an option, it should be used with caution because too much heat on the hair can destroy the follicles and cause hair loss. Instead, return to natural remedies such as air drying.

●    Wash Hair After Getting Drenched: While you may enjoy getting soaked in the rain, the damage it can cause to your hair and scalp can be an unpleasant experience. Rain’s dirty, acidic water can cause scalp infection, which, if not treated promptly, can progress to more serious conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. To prevent your hair from becoming ruined, wash it with a mild shampoo after the rain session. It will not only aid in the removal of dirt and infection-causing germs and bacteria, but it will also leave your scalp and hair feeling clean and healthy.

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