How to end 2021 with a positive note

How to end 2021 with a positive note

To give this year the proper send-off it deserves I’m showing you how to leave behind anything that doesn’t serve you spiritually or emotionally and go into 2022 ready to kick names and take ass (Guardians of the Galaxy anyone?). You’ll learn to wrap up the most unusual year through my end-of-year exercise where we’ll focus on gratitude, releasing negativity, and creating your vision for the New Year which includes choosing your word for 2022. Get ready to feel aligned and renewed!

The Positives of 2021

Here’s how I’m interpreting the lessons found in the events of this year. It was a chance to be a leader and compassionate friend. To show we’re tough and can make a small sacrifice for the well-being of the world. Our neighbors, the elderly, and the chronically ill. It was a chance to become creative again. To figure out who we were without errands, parties, or traveling. To sit still. Who are you without teaching at church or running to the dry cleaners and Target? How do you manage when every day seems to feel the exact same? I feel you. I hear and I see you.

After everything that’s happened this year, you’re here. You’re here because you’re hopeful for the New Year and know that your mindset matters. Good for you. The world is lucky to have you. So let’s wrap up 2021 together and leave 2022 wide open for possibility, hope, and new beginnings.

Moving On From 2021

Many times it’s not the situation that causes our life to feel a certain way but the meaning we give to it. That’s one of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned this year and hope today’s exercise can help you create the closure you need and give you the peace to look forward to. Rituals and transitions give us a way to process better and when we take them away it’s harder to really feel connected to the moments in our lives.

Make sure you can be in a quiet place away from kids or pets and allow yourself to relax in each step. Preferably you can be at home, light a candle, and crack open a notebook. Consider this your personal sacred ritual to thank this year for what it taught you and to release anything that won’t serve you in the New Year. If you prefer taking walks then have a fresh note open on your phone to write down your responses to each step.

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