Holi Fun

Holi Fun

India is definitely known for its versatility and diversity when it comes to religion and culture, which breeds to different cultures having their own festivities and rituals. As a bengali, we have a proverb,”baro maashe tero parbon” which translates to Thirteen festivals in twelve months.

Since I was young, Holi has always been my favourite festival while diwali comes next. All of our extended families gathered for the day and for me it was the most exciting time of year. We used to wake early in the morning to get ready for holi. My mother used to cook breakfast for everyone – “luchi & cholar dal”, it was our patent holi breakfast. I remember playing holi with all of our cousins and friends until we were painted black and blue.

As I grew older, holi was not all fun anymore as we grew more concerned and most likely, busy. Now, for me, holi means concerts, music and crowd. I have been playing in different cities, doing concerts and hyping up the audience. I found joy in their happiness. The glow in my face when I am performing on stage is not like anything I have ever felt before. Even though I have done it a million times by now, a sense of anticipation still remains. It feels like the first time every single I sung on stage. An indescribable feeling. Holi brings up memories, a feeling of nostalgia that leaves a mark on my soul; moments I will cherish forever

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