Easy Tips to Keep Your Voice Healthy

Easy Tips to Keep Your Voice Healthy

To both aspiring and established singers, their voice is their ultimate possession. To them, it is the treasure that they will never compromise with.

This is why, singers always follow a disciplined and healthy regime to keep their voice at its best. Here I am sharing a few tips following which, you can also take care of your voice.

Choose the Right Food

A singer should consume healthy food. Avoiding extra spicy food and junk food is something all singers must do.

Sleep Right

For a singer, sleeping is essential. Without proper sleep, he or she will feel tired and that can influence the singer’s voice in a negative way.

Gargle is Important

To cleanse throat and keep it in a healthy condition, singers often gargle. But it is better to do using salt water instead alcohol-based mouthwash products.

Give Your Voice Rest

Due to high demand, singers often feel compelled to sing even after their voice gets tired. But this is actually harmful. To keep sore throat at bay, a singer must resist himself from overusing his voice.

Practice Yoga

Regular exercising has no substitute. The practice tones all our muscles. But to take extra care of throat, a singer can do Yoga, especially those asanas that put importance to breathing techniques.


Singers who meditate, get to concentrate on anything in a stronger way. This can help an artist in feeling totally in sync with melody and tunes.

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