What is a Hobby and why is It Important?

What is a Hobby and why is It Important?

If you ask me what is a hobby then I would simply answer that a hobby is an activity that someone loves to practice.

There are loads and loads of people around the world who are totally obsessed with their hobbies. A lot of hobbies are easy but some hobbies come packed with difficulty levels like fish keeping, gardening, pottery and the list is endless.

You know what fascinates me the most? It feels absolutely great when I see people turning their passion into professions. There are a lot of creative people around us who used to paint or make things for their own happiness. However, their work drew attention of others and now they are popular and professional creators.

I can take up my own example also. Since my childhood, I was fond of music. It was my passion, my breather and escapade. And now, here I am, a professional singer who does playback for movies and many other platforms.

Having a hobby is important to. It not only lets us enjoy our “me time” but also lets us be good at something without feeling pressurized. A hobby or passion offers us an emotional shelter.

Hobbies also help in building characters and identities. It saves us from being lazy. In tough moments when we feel broken or rather shattered, hobbies come to our rescue.

If you still don’t have a hobby then get one. Practice it and be good at it. A hobby would never let you down.

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