What are the 10 benefits of writing?

What are the 10 benefits of writing?

Clear writing is a sign of clear thinking

Creative writing is an art. The more you write, the more you learn to imagine, visualize, or simply create something. Be it a movie script, or the lyrics of a song, it all involves writing. Creative Writing is a great practice if you are in any of the creative fields, or even if you take it as a hobby.

Relieves Mental Stress
Writing your thoughts down on paper is one of the best exercises to do if you want to clear your mind and relieve some mental stress. Putting down emotions in writing will make you feel at peace. For example, just writing a simple journal each day can make you feel lighter and help you sleep better. As per a study, people who take out time once a week to write down the good things in their lives are more optimistic and excited about their present circumstance and future. 

Improves Perspective
Writing your schedule or in fact, old memories can make you think better about your goals and how efficient you are in life. It gives you a fresh and broader perspective on your priorities. Writing often can help you boost your prioritizing skills. Writing helps in keeping track of creative ideas that are needed in the workplace or in life in general. While brainstorming, those ideas are quite hard to organise. Writing helps in storing and giving perspective to ideas that might or could have been forgotten. Moreover, while writing fiction, it gives an edge and sheds objective light for the reader to go through the fictional scene, thus making for an engaging and interesting read.

Writing can provide a sense of accomplishment, which is a very empowering feeling to have, however small it might be. It can make you feel more confident and at the very least, can positively affect your mood.

5 Importance Of Writing –  

1. Writing shows you the real you

Writing helps you to know the real you, writing clarifies your thinking, many times we make a decision or take actions without proper logic and thinking, there are various thoughts and feelings which run in our mind, but writing habit helps us to crystallize those thoughts and helps us to put them in a logical order.

2. Writing can work as your best friend

You must have noticed that many people love to maintain a personal diary, and they write daily about their day, what they didn’t like, how they felt, etc., the reason why people write is, that writing makes them feel relaxed and while writing 

 thoughts and feelings become clear and they start thinking from different perspectives.

3. Writing is really important in this digital world

Regular writing makes you good at writing, writing improves your written skill and vocabulary, and writing helps you to become a good writer, writing is a very powerful skill, today you can become successful if you are good in writing skills, the digital world requires writing skills.

4. Writing gives you a different perspective

When you write for an audience you need to think as per the audience’s perspective, the moment you get into the reader’s mindset. You begin to understand readers, customers your colleagues, and friends 

. You will have more empathy and also you will start understanding this world more properly and nicely.

5. Writing helps you to persuade people

It helps you to influence other people about your point of view, writing has the capability to change the mindset of people, Writing is a skill which has the power to change the world and the power to change negative mindset to positive, writing has helped our country and this world since very long, Writing played an important role in our Country’s Independence.

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