Diet Tricks to Tackle Weather Change Discomforts:

Diet Tricks to Tackle Weather Change Discomforts:

There are clear signs of extreme climate change, with major damage to the seasonal cycle.
Increased cyclones, floods, and droughts are examples of the damage the entire world is
seeing. What is essentially known to be the summer season in the Middle and some portions
of Eastern India, is turning out to be a combination of scorching afternoons, transcending into
(almost) stormy nights. It is almost difficult to tell what season it is exactly. On some days,
it’s summer, on the other, it’s monsoon. To keep your health fit you need to follow some diet

Incorporate Vitamin C into Your Diet:

Citrus fruits are common, but there are several other ways to incorporate Vitamin C into your
diet: both ingredient and technique-wise to amp up your Vitamin C consumption. Vitamin C
is a powerful antioxidant. Consumers usually turn to oranges or supplements, but besides
these two choices, there are more alternatives and techniques to amp up your Vitamin C
consumption. Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kimchi and sauerkraut for some palate
change should be added to your diet. Whenever you’re eating your fruits and vegetables, try
not to cook them as Vitamin C is a heat-sensitive nutrient and will get lost during the cooking
process. Eat them raw to reap the real benefits.

Choose Whole Grains:

Doctors always advise whole grains like oats, brown rice, ragi, buckwheat, amaranth, and the
like. These grains are rich in magnesium, and iron, imparting power to your immune system.
The anti-gluten brigade may be the cause of a lot of underlying health issues hence replacing
wheat with any of the millets can help alleviate a lot of symptoms.

Increase Your Liquid Intake:

Without a doubt, water works as a temperature regularise in the body. It helps in the process
of digestion and also regulates temperature. But other liquids can also be equally effective in
maintaining a healthy body. Especially, in extremely hot weather, it becomes difficult to eat
heavy foods. Hence choose options such as fruit juices, tomato soup with herbs, and lentil
soups. Apart from that, make sure to include healthy drinks such as turmeric milk, and
homemade kadhai with spices. You can also include lemon juice, ginger barley, or lemon
barley water in your diet. Additionally loading up on buttermilk is a good idea to maintain
your gut strength.

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