3 Actual Reasons I Do Facebook Live

3 Actual Reasons I Do Facebook Live

Hey guyz! Hope you all are doing great. The current situation is hard due to the pandemic but I hope it will all be over soon. OK, let me jump into today’s subject now.

If you are an avid follower of mine, then you already know that I often conduct Facebook Live. A question can easily pop on your mind that, despite being a professional singer, why am I a regular to a social media platform. Well, the reasons are relevant and there are plenty.

I Get to Connect with You

There are so many videos of mine that you watch. There are movies as well that have my songs in them that you listen. But the moment I come Live of Facebook, I get to interact with my fans, and that also real time. They ask me questions, they give me their reactions. Its fun and it helps me strengthen the bond with my fans instantly.

I Can Answer Questions

My fans feel curious about so many things about me and it is pretty obvious. And when I go Live, they feel free to ask me those questions and I answer them. I feel chatty and informative at the same time. Isn’t it awesome?

I Reach a Larger Audience

Shows and events are not happening currently but who can stop me from presenting my creativity. Facebook is a wonderful platform to me where I sing a larger audience at a time. My circle of audience grow bigger and better each time I go Live. I hope you now know how much I love going Live for my audience. Keep your eyes on my profile to know the date I am coming Live next.

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