Staying Positive is the Key to avoid being Covid Positive

Staying Positive is the Key to avoid being Covid Positive

Let’s face it, the situation is hard. The good news is, we can dodge it following many ways. The protective measures to keep away from the Corona virus are easy. But there still a lot of people who are reluctant in this regard.

It is unfortunate to see a bunch of people are still not wearing masks properly. They are spitting openly on road and there is nobody to stop them. Covid guidelines were announced long back by administration departments. But it is the mind-set of certain people that is approving the wide spread of the disease.

I personally feel that our thought process can let us stay away from Corona. I want to share my ideas in this regard.

First of all, stop watching news channels. Unfollow news portals. They circulate disturbing images and videos that shock us mentally. We feel week and fragile. And as a result, we gradually lose the courage to fight against the disease.

Relatives often call us. But if anybody of them starts a discussion about the disease, politely ignore it and drag the discussion to a new and positive topic.

While at home, you will get a lot of time to devote yourself to a hobby that you left practicing. You can also start learning something brand new. Online courses are highly available these days.

You can start blogging or vlogging staying at home. This will give you a sense of purpose and achievement at the same time.

No matter what you do at your home, don’t forget to practice cleanliness. And whenever you go outside for something urgent, don’t forget to wear a mask and carry a bottle of sanitizer with you.

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