My Experience on Virtual Concert

My Experience on Virtual Concert

The pandemic situation does not look very strong now. People have become lesser panicky and ignorant at the same time which is not good at all.

Anyway, today I am not writing this blog about the pandemic or its outcome. Rather I am willing to share my experience about virtual concert with all my fans and followers.

The first time I was offered with a virtual concert, I felt skeptical at first. However I found almost every person from the entertainment industry getting into online programs. So, I questioned myself, “why not?”.

And evidently, my online journey started. I have always been active at all the social media platforms. But this was the time I discovered those platforms as the launchpads for artists like me.

With every new show and event, I expanded my existing fan base. Those who never heard me earlier, became my fans listening to my songs online.

I got sweet messages and appreciation notes from different corners of the country. From abroad also, I got fan mails and song requests.

Now I am a regular performer who never shy away from virtual concerts, rather who feels excited to take part in one.

It is now clear to not only me but millions of people worldwide that no matter what, artistic expressions can never be suppressed. No matter what, it will find its way to be flourished.

You can also share your experience with me on the said topic.

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